The School of the New Moon is a holistic alternative school founded by Christine Oliveira in 1972 in Woodstock, New York, and has earned a reputation for providing a healthy, balanced environment where children thrive. Many graduates are now local business owners, artists, and several returned as adults to teach the next generation.

Students ages 2-9 are invited to become part of the school where they will learn and play in a custom-built schoolhouse, a sky-lit octagonal building flooded with sun and filled with opportunities for developing their capacities for wisdom and compassion. The school also has a separate theater, a pond, ample outdoor playgrounds, and an animal sanctuary.

The school offers an extended family atmosphere where cooperation and acceptance are valued. With backgrounds in the Montessori method and the British Integrated Day Program, teachers are focus on the ethical, mental, emotional, and physical development of each child. By providing skills for students' emotional and social progress, they become more capable of interacting with their environment and learning from their experience.

The School of the New Moon is a fertile ground. With a solid reputation, excellent facilities, and a history of happiness, the opportunity to nurture its next generation is now.

After four decades of service to the community, the School of the New Moon has built a strong foundation for new ideas and new growth.  Contact us with any ideas or just to talk about opportunities.