School of the New Moon

established 1972

Welcome to the School of the New Moon

We are located on 5 acres of land with woods, stream, pond, and the natural wildlife of this environment.

We are small – we take a maximum of 28 students per year. The Infant School, ages 2 – 4, and the Junior School, ages 5 – 9, are combined in a large, bright octagonal building. The school houses a kitchen area where healthful snacks are baked or prepared each day, a playhouse with a loft, and a library. There are special areas for blocks, dress-up, large motor play, quiet play, small motor activity, art activities, and an open “free space” under a large skylight.

Outdoors there are geese, chickens, goats, peacocks, a rabbit, and cats – all pets. Also on the grounds are a sandbox, a climbing treehouse structure, and a variety of outdoor toys and equipment.

Ample time is provided each day for the child to choose activities from all of the above and more.

We provide an extended family atmosphere where cooperation and mutual support are stressed.

From a background of The Montessori Method and The British Integrated Day Program, we are concerned with the ethical, mental, emotional and physical development of each child. By providing skills for each child’s emotional and social progress, the child becomes more capable of interacting with his environment and learning from his experience.

The curriculum includes: Language Arts, Math, Science, Geography, Social Studies, Music, Art and Drama. Each year we study a different country and immerse ourselves in the music, dress, natural resources, foods, customs, language, holidays and art of that culture.

The children are encouraged to create their own dramatic productions which they present to their classmates in our “Little Theater,” a separate building.

Faculty consists of 3 – 6 educated, child-oriented adults trained to work optimally in this environment. If we interest you, read on and phone (845) 679-7112 in order to make a personal interview appointment.

We look forward to hearing from you.